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Socket Head Cap Screws (grade 12.9 black oxide alloy)


Size SKU # Qty
2mm x 3mm TS-CH2M3-20


2mm x 4mm TS-CH2M4-20


2mm x 5mm TS-CH2M5-20


2mm x 6mm TS-CH2M6-20


2mm x 8mm TS-CH2M8-20


2mm x 10mm TS-CH2M10-20


2mm x 12mm TS-CH2M12-20


2.5mm x 6mm TS-CH25M6-20


2.5mm x 8mm TS-CH25M8-20


2.5mm x 10mm TS-CH25M10-20


2.5mm x 12mm TS-CH25M12-20


2.5mm x 14mm TS-CH25M14-20


2.5mm x 16mm TS-CH25M16-20


2.5mm x 20mm TS-CH25M20-5


2.5mm x 25mm TS-CH25M25-20


3mm x 4mm TS-CH3M4-20


3mm x 5mm TS-CH3M5-20 20
3mm x 6mm TS-CH3M6-20 20
3mm x 8mm TS-CH3M8-20 20
3mm x 10mm TS-CH3M10-20 20
3mm x 12mm TS-CH3M12-20 20
3mm x 14mm TS-CH3M14-20 20
3mm x 15mm TS-CH3M15-20 20
3mm x 16mm TS-CH3M16-20 20
3mm x 18mm TS-CH3M18-20 20
3mm x 20mm TS-CH3M20-20 20
3mm x 22mm TS-CH3M22-10 10
3mm x 25mm TS-CH3M25-10 10
3mm x 30mm TS-CH3M30-10 10
3mm x 35mm TS-CH3M35-10 10
3mm x 45mm TS-CH3M45-5 5
3mm x 50mm TS-CH3M50-5 5
4mm x 6mm TS-CH4M6-20 20
4mm x 8mm TS-CH4M8-20 20
4mm x 10mm TS-CH4M10-20 20
4mm x 12mm TS-CH4M12-20 20
4mm x 14mm TS-CH4M14-20 20
4mm x 15mm TS-CH4M15-20 20
4mm x 16mm TS-CH4M16-20 20
4mm x 20mm TS-CH4M20-20 20
4mm x 22mm TS-CH4M22-10 10
4mm x 25mm TS-CH4M25-10 10
4mm x 30mm TS-CH4M30-10 10
4mm x 35mm TS-CH4M35-10 10
4mm x 40mm TS-CH4M40-10 10
4mm x 45mm TS-CH4M45-10 10
4mm x 50mm TS-CH4M50-10 10

Socket Head Flanged Cap Screws (grade 12.9 black oxide alloy)

Size SKU # Qty
4mm x 8mm TS-CHF4M8-10 10
4mm x 10mm TS-CHF4M10-10 10
4mm x 12mm TS-CHF4M12-10 10

Socket Head Flat Screws (grade 12.9 black oxide alloy)

Size SKU # Qty
2mm x 6mm TS-FH2M6-5 5
2mm x 8mm TS-FH2M8-5 5
2mm x 10mm TS-FH2M10-5 5
2mm x 12mm TS-FH2M12-5 5
2.5mm x 5mm TS-FH25M5-5 5
2.5mm x 6mm TS-FH25M6-5 5
2.5mm x 8mm TS-FH25M8-5 5
2.5mm x 10mm TS-FH25M10-5 5
2.5mm x 12mm TS-FH25M12-5 5
3mm x 5mm TS-FH3M5-20 20
3mm x 6mm TS-FH3M6-20 20
3mm x 8mm TS-FH3M8-20 20
3mm x 10mm TS-FH3M10-20 20
3mm x 12mm TS-FH3M12-20 20
3mm x 14mm TS-FH3M14-20 20
3mm x 15mm TS-FH3M15-20 20
3mm x 16mm TS-FH3M16-20 20
3mm x 18mm TS-FH3M18-20 20
3mm x 20mm TS-FH3M20-20 20
3mm x 22mm TS-FH3M22-10 10
3mm x 25mm TS-FH3M25-10 10
3mm x 30mm TS-FH3M30-10 10
4mm x 6mm TS-FH4M6-20 20
4mm x 8mm TS-FH4M8-20 20
4mm x 10mm TS-FH4M10-20 20
4mm x 12mm TS-FH4M12-20 20

4mm x 14mm

TS-FH4M14-20 20
4mm x 15mm TS-FH4M15-20 20
4mm x 16mm TS-FH4M16-20 20
4mm x 18mm TS-FH4M18-10 10
4mm x 20mm TS-FH4M20-20 20
4mm x 22mm TS-FH4M22-10 10
4mm x 25mm TS-FH4M25-10 10
4mm x 30mm TS-FH4M30-10 10
4mm x 40mm TS-FH4M40-10 10

Socket Head Button Screws (grade 12.9 black oxide alloy)

Size SKU # Qty
2.5mm x 6mm TS-BH25M6-5 5
2.5mm x 8mm TS-BH25M8-5 5
2.5mm x 10mm TS-BH25M10-5 5
2.5mm x 12mm TS-BH25M12-5 5
3mm x 5mm TS-BH3M5-10 10
3mm x 6mm TS-BH3M6-20 20
3mm x 8mm TS-BH3M8-20 20
3mm x 10mm TS-BH3M10-20 20
3mm x 12mm TS-BH3M12-20 20
3mm x 14mm TS-BH3M14-20 20
3mm x 16mm TS-BH3M16-20 20
3mm x 20mm TS-BH3M20-20 20
3mm x 25mm TS-BH3M25-10 10
4mm x 6mm TS-BH4M6-20 20
4mm x 8mm TS-BH4M8-20 20
4mm x 10mm TS-BH4M10-20 20
4mm x 12mm TS-BH4M12-20 20
4mm x 14mm TS-BH4M14-20 20
4mm x 16mm TS-BH4M16-20 20
4mm x 20mm TS-BH4M20-20 20
4mm x 25mm TS-BH4M25-10 10

Socket Head Set Screws (black oxide alloy)

Size SKU # Qty
3mm x 3mm TS-SS3M3-20 20
3mm x 4mm TS-SS3M4-20 20
3mm x 5mm TS-SS3M5-20 20
3mm x 6mm TS-SS3M6-20 20
3mm x 8mm TS-SS3M8-20 20
3mm x 10mm TS-SS3M10-20 20
3mm x 12mm TS-SS3M12-20 20
3mm x 16mm TS-SS3M16-20 20
4mm x 4mm TS-SS4M4-20 20
4mm x 5mm TS-SS4M5-20 20
4mm x 6mm TS-SS4M6-20 20
4mm x 8mm TS-SS4M8-20 20
4mm x 10mm TS-SS4M10-20 20
4mm x 12mm TS-SS4M12-20 20
5mm x 5mm TS-SS5M5-20 20
5mm x 6mm TS-SS5M6-20 20
5mm x 8mm TS-SS5M8-20 20
5mm x 20mm TS-SS5M20-20 20
5mm x 30mm TS-SS5M30-5 5
5mm x 35mm TS-SS5M35-5 5

Stainless Steel Flat Washers (type 316)

Size SKU # Qty
2mm TS-SSW2M-20 20
2.5mm TS-SSW25M-20 20
3mm TS-SSW3M-20 20
4mm TS-SSW4M-20 20
5mm TS-SSW5M-20 20
6mm TS-SSW6M-20 20

Flat Washers (zinc plated steel)

Size SKU # Qty
3mm TS-ZPW3M-20 20
4mm TS-ZPW4M-20 20
5mm TS-ZPW5M-20 20
6mm TS-ZPW6M-20 20

Large O.D. Flat Washers (zinc plated steel)

Size SKU # Qty
3mm TS-LZPW3M-20 20
4mm TS-LZPW4M-20 20
5mm TS-LZPW5M-20 20
6mm TS-LZPW6M-20 20

Nylon Flat Washers (6/6 nylon)

Size SKU # Qty
2mm TS-NW2M-20 20
3mm TS-NW3M-20 20
4mm TS-NW4M-20 20
5mm TS-NW5M-20 20
6mm TS-NW6M-20 20

Lock Washers (black steel)

Size SKU # Qty
3mm TS-LKW3M-20 20
4mm TS-LKW4M-20 20
5mm TS-LKW5M-20 20
6mm TS-LKW6M-20 20

Nylon Locknuts (zinc plated steel)

Size SKU # Qty
3mm TS-ZPN3M-20 20
4mm TS-ZPN4M-20 20
5mm TS-ZPN5M-20 20
6mm TS-ZPN6M-20 20


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